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The Right to Information Act's main goal is to empower citizens, promote openness and accountability in government operations, reduce corruption, and make our democracy truly function for the people. The Act is a significant step toward keeping individuals informed about government actions.

A well-informed citizen is better able to keep a close eye on governing instruments and hold the government accountable to the people it governs. The Right to Information Act's main purpose is to empower citizens, promote transparency and accountability in government operations, and make our democracy work for us.


Empowering the common man

The whole spectrum of the common people of the country has been empowered by an initiative where they have every right to be informed about anything that directly or indirectly affects their lives and the responsible agencies must respond favorably.

Simple method

RTI has developed a very precise and simple method of disseminating all types of information, in which only the relevant information is available by the persons concerned, resulting in easy access to information on the one hand and saving time on the other.

Protection of Information

People with specific questions will be entertained and suitably informed, resulting in information protection and the protection of everyone from being incorrectly or inappropriately informed or misinformed.

Corruption will be less

When a person is requested for information about certain products and services, and the response must be provided by a competent and accountable authority, the risks of corruption are greatly reduced. Experts predict that people will no longer be concerned about being duped or being victims of frauds and scams.



  • Information means any material in any form, including. records, documents, memos, e-mails, opinions, advice, press releases, circulars, orders, logbooks, contracts, reports, papers, samples, models, data material held in any electronic form, and information relating to any private body which can be accessed by a public authority.

  • It refers to any self-governing authority, entity, or institution that has been founded or constituted:

    a. by or under the Constitution;

    b. by any other law made by Parliament;

    c. by any other law made by State Legislature;

    d. by notification issued or order made by the appropriate Government.

    and includes any

    e. body owned, controlled or substantially financed a non-profit organisation that is largely funded by the proper government, either directly or indirectly.

  • Once your application is filed and the price is paid, our legal expert will call you to discuss the facts and create the application in accordance with RTI regulations, which you can alter or approve. Our legal expert will transmit it to the appropriate officer once you approve it. Within 30 days, you will receive information from the relevant government by letter.(post)

  • Using the RTI, you can obtain a wide range of critical information. The following are some of the most typical information requests made by people:

    • Obtain copies of answer sheets from any exam administered by the recruitment board or any other board, such as RRB, SSC, GATE, UPSC, IIM, etc. College or university examinations.

    • The status of applications for a driver's licence, passport, Aadhar card, and ration card.

    • Status of PF transfer and withdrawal

    • IT refund and pension status UGC approval status of Courses/Colleges/Universities

    • Certificate Validation.

    • Details on Gram Panchayat expenses and MLA/MP fund usage.

    • Any other document or information.

  • RTI does not apply to private organisations. However, if the information you seek is available from any government agency, you may apply.

  • Don't be concerned. If you have any questions before making a payment, please click the Get Appointment icon at the top of the page and provide your basic information. Before you make a payment, our expert will contact you for additional consultation.

  • Our team will contact you once your application has been initiated. Your case will be allocated to an RTI Expert, who will contact you to understand more about the topic. You can always explain and find out what further is expected of you during that call. We will send you an email anytime we need information or a document from you. Simply respond to that email and provide the needed information.

  • If you apply through us, you must pay a processing cost that includes RTI drafting, Legal Expert support, and postage. The RTI application costs Rs 399, the first appeal costs Rs 598, and the final appeal costs Rs 999. All fees are exclusive of GST and include the Government fee.




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