GST and Offences

GST Rates

Under GST, there are 21 offences. These have been categorized into heads as follows for ease of understanding:

False or incorrect invoices:

Any goods or services that are provided by a taxable person without an invoice or with a fraudulent invoice.

He violates the regulations of the GST by issuing any invoice or bill without the supply of goods or services.

He generates invoices with another legitimate taxable person’s identifying number.


He registers for GST but gives incorrect details.

He files false tax returns or provides fictitious financial records or documentation.

offers incorrect information or withholds information during proceedings

Tax avoidance

Even though he collects GST, he fails to submit it to the government within three months.

Even if he collects any GST in violation of the rules, he still has three months to deposit it with the government. A violation of GST will result from failure to comply.

He commits fraud to receive any CGST/SGST refunds.

Without actually receiving the products or services, he takes and/or uses the input tax credit.

To avoid paying taxes, he purposefully reduces his sales.

Goods supply and transportation:

He moves products without the necessary documentation.

Delivers or transports commodities that he is aware will be seized

destroys or tampers with seized goods


Despite being required by law, he has not registered for GST.

When appropriate, he either doesn’t deduct TDS or deducts less money.

In certain cases, he does not collect TCS or only collects a small amount.

He violates the rules since he is an Input Service Distributor and takes or distributes input tax credits.

He prevents the proper official while performing his function (for example, he hinders the officer during the audit by tax authorities)

He does not keep all the books that he is required by law to keep.

He destroy any proof.

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