What is GST Prime, and How is it Beneficial?


To make the process of managing GST easier, the government also introduced some tools for the officials, businesses and consultants. The GST Prime is a tool by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) to provide complete assistance to the tax administrators of the state/center to analyze and monitor the tax collection and compliance in their jurisdiction.

GST (Goods and Services Tax) was introduced on 1st July 2017 by the Government of India to bring the entire taxation regime under a single roof. The aim was to replace most of the Central and State level indirect taxes like Service Tax, VAT, Excise duty etc.

It helps businesses become GST compliant and file periodic returns with the help of taxation experts. Among many solutions, it also covers GST invoicing, filing returns, consultancy, importing invoice data to GST software, and other accounting and IT needs for a business. The solution can be customized as per the need of suppliers, retailers, distributors, exporters, traders and all others engaged in goods and services trading.

This is a comprehensive solution for the Field-level officers and Enforcement/Intelligence officers to help improve the tax analysis and collection, resulting in actionable reports that can further enforce GST more effectively.

Goals of GST Prime

1. Ensure GST Compliance

2. Meet targeted Tax Collection

3. Increase Tax Base

4. Identify Tax Evasion and Frauds

5. Predict the effect of Policy Change

Highlights of GST Prime

1. Monitors and Ensures GST Compliance

2. Real-Time Data Analytics

3. Role-Based Access Approach

4. Intuitive Interface and Reports

5. Evidence-Based Outcomes

6. Matching Statements (R3B, R1 etc.)

7. 360° View of Taxpayer

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Analytics in GST Prime

1. The system generates more than 80 analytical and statistical reports

2. Predictive Analysis

3. ABC Analysis of Taxpayers

4. Matching Statements and External Data

5. Sectoral Returns and Analysis

Benefits to states after implementing GST Prime

1. Realization of Tax from top defaulters

2. Identification and follow up with risk-based defaulters

3. Detection of tax evasions and fraud cases

4. Tax payer profiles help analyse data in one place


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